Write (Now) Newsletter – May 2006

Write (Now) Newsletter – May 2006

“Wear the old coat and buy the new book.” – Austin Phelps

Hi Writers:

Imagine we’re all at Nationwide Arena. You’re out there in the audience nodding your heads, singing along, and enjoying the show. All of us at Write (Now) Newsletter are up on stage, singing in the band, doing our best to keep you happy. The next song is familiar. Every band has one, it’s the one in which the lead singer introduces each member of the band individually so the audience can applaud.

Every month it takes our little team about 24 hours of solid work to gather the information, draft, edit and publish this newsletter and make it magically land in your inbox. I may be standing center stage, but I’m not up here alone.

To my left we have my sister, Amy Ax, of Ax Marketing and Communications. She inputs data, codes some of the html, writes and designs layouts. Amy has a degree in public relations, formerly owned a printing company and knows how to make computer programs do amazing things.

To my right is my husband, Ed Sweeney, who proofreads the essay and provides feedback on the webpage design and content. He’s an accountant who doesn’t like to write, but he reads voraciously and has a great eye for stuff that doesn’t make sense.

Behind us (actually holding us up!) is Carina Silfverduk, our web designer who makes everything look pretty and run smoothly allowing you to hop seamlessly from email to webpage without slowing down.

Let’s give them all a round of applause. I’ll take a bow too and stand in the center of the stage with my arms around the others.

If you like what we’re doing here, there are a number of ways you can show your appreciation:

  • Tell your friends. If you received this newsletter via email, use the link to forward it.
  • Make a donation. It’s not deductible, but you might feel great doing it and it will help keep our internet connection up and running.
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  • Take one of the classes listed here or attend one of the events and make sure to tell them you heard about it from us.
  • But most of all, just keep writing. Keep your pen moving no matter what happens in your life, and let us know about your successes. That is our greatest reward.

Nita(We Love You Columbus!)Sweeney

p.s. For information about Jamey Ax, Nita’s niece, please go to
and type: Jameyax (all one word).