Motivation - manuscript with hand-written notes on it, glasses, and a paper cup.
Motivation: are you an innie or an outie?

Are you an innie or an outie? No. Not belly buttons. Motivation. Some people are internally motivated. They get things done by deciding they are going to do them. Their drive to act comes from within. Those are the “innies.” They are most prized in our culture, held up as

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Anxiety - Man breathing into a paper bag
How to meditate through anxiety, panic, and depression

How to meditate through anxiety, panic, and depression Anxiety and panic. When I first began to experience anxiety, especially panic attacks, I could not meditate directly on the experience. First, I had to convince myself that I would not die from the panic attack. Panic attack symptoms mimic a heart

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Capital City Half Marathon - mental health pain
The pain of mental health challenges

The pain of mental health challenges During my first big race, the Capital City Half and Quarter Marathon in Columbus, my anxiety nearly kept me from even signing up. On race day, when we hadn’t allowed enough time to arrive and park, my body flooded with unpleasant jolts of adrenaline.

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sound - riding lawn mower cutting grass
Desensitizing Around Painful Sounds

Desensitizing Around Painful Sounds I use meditation to overcome difficulties around unpleasant thoughts and body sensations, specifically the sound of leaf blowers and lawn mowers. If a landscape crew was on our street, I used to feel panicked, as if the machines (not the workers) might attack, even though I

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Woman holding her head in pain
The Power of Pain

The Power of Pain Pain often pulls at us more intensely than the breath or other body sensations. Rather than trying to ignore it and hold fiercely to a different object of meditation, we might have a more fruitful meditation session if we tune into that pain. The peril here

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Practicing with pain and pleasure - algebraic equation
Practicing with Pain and Pleasure

Practicing with Pain and Pleasure There it was, that familiar twinge. While training for a third marathon, I’d chosen the indoor track over the ice and snow-covered Olentangy Trail. Sixteen miles into the twenty-mile track run, the back spasms began. Time to work with pain. When Ed introduced me to

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Tricky body - woman peering from between her fingers
Tricky body

Tricky Body Those of us who live with mental health symptoms may have out-of-proportion thoughts and body sensations. We might be hypervigilant, with not just a tricky mind, but a tricky body, too. When you first begin to meditate and are not used to giving anxiety or depression such full

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But Nita. I thought you didn’t make resolutions!

After reading the January 1 page in A Daily Dose of Now, you might wonder why someone who says they don’t make New Year’s resolutions would host a 100-Day movement challenge like the one I’m currently hosting in the Mind, Mood, and Movement Facebook Group. Here’s the page: “To dream

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Family in golf gear. Untangling emotions
Untangling emotions

Untangling emotions The last year my father was alive coincided with my recovery from a major depressive episode during which I had nearly killed myself. He and I spent his final summer playing golf, and he and my mother lived with us in the four months before his death. As

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5 conditions - Woman with hand on head leaning over a hot stove
The 5 Conditions

The 5 Conditions During the meditation leader training I took at the Sage Institute for Creativity & Consciousness, they introduced us to “The 5 Conditions,” another way to look at the interaction of thoughts and body sensations. Originally set forth by Zen Master Bernie Glassman as an explanation of what

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