Depression Hates a Moving Target

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Dog Writers Association of America Award Winner, Faulkner Society Award Finalist,
and Ohio Arts Council Governor’s Award Nominee


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“Nita Sweeney’s vibrant memoir, Depression Hates A Moving Target, not only captures the runner’s mind, but shows how practice — whether in running, writing, or meditation — and finding a community can transform a life.
― Natalie Goldberg, bestselling author

“Nita Sweeney’s Depression Hates a Moving Target is a gallant new memoir about persistence in the face of long odds … Come along on this inspiring journey. It goes the distance and then some.”
― Lee Martin, Pulitzer Prize finalist

“Nita’s brave, honest book imparts hard-won lessons on using running to combat depression.”
― Scott Douglas, Runner’s World contributing writer

“Nita Sweeney’s tale of finding the strength to do what seemed impossible should encourage all of us to get up off that couch and do something to make our lives better!
― Sean W. Murphy, Hemingway Award-winning author


Depression Hates a Moving Target: How Running with My Dog Brought Me Back from the Brink

It’s never too late to chase your dreams. Before she discovered running, Nita Sweeney was 49-years-old, chronically depressed, occasionally manic, and unable to jog for more than 60 seconds at a time. Using exercise, Nita discovered an inner strength she didn’t know she possessed, and with the help of her canine companion, she found herself on the way to completing her first marathon. In her memoir, Depression Hates a Moving Target: How Running with My Dog Brought Me Back from the Brink, Sweeney shares how she overcame emotional and physical challenges to finish the race and reclaim her life.

The book has attracted rave reviews across the country and has become an Amazon #1 Best-Seller in the “Bipolar Disorder” and “Running & Jogging” categories. The book was short-listed for the William Faulkner-William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition Award, and the Dog Writers Association of America awarded Nita and her memoir a 2019 Maxwell Medallion for excellence in writing in the “Human-Animal Bond” area. The book also resulted in Nita being nominated for a prestigious Ohio Arts Council Governor’s Award.

Anyone who has struggled with depression knows the ways the mind can defeat you. But Nita’s journey has proven it is possible to transform yourself with the power of running. You may learn that you can endure more than you think, and that there’s no other therapy quite like THE pavement beneath your feet.

Depression Hates a Moving Target is a witty and poignant story of rediscovery. Whether you’re born to run or just looking for rebirth, you will:

  • Be inspired by the powerful story of one woman ― and her dog
  • Cheer on Nita as she endures the challenges of marathon training and a mind in turmoil
  • And discover the power of running to overcome obstacles

Early versions of Depression Hates a Moving Target were a semi-finalist and short-listed for the William Faulkner-Wisdom Award in Creative Nonfiction. The published book is a finalist in the Dog Writers Association of America writing competition in the “Human Animal Bond” category.

About Mental Health

• More than 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression.

• Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S.,
affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18.1%
of the population every year.

• Hypochondria affects approximately 6% of the population.

• 53 % of the world population is unhappy.

• 10 to 15 % of grieving people will become depressed.