Tricky body - woman peering from between her fingers

Tricky body

Tricky Body Those of us who live with mental health symptoms may have out-of-proportion thoughts and body sensations. We might be hypervigilant, with not just a tricky mind, but a

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Creativity Anxiety Depression

How To Be Creative When You Have Depression or Anxiety

How To Be Creative When You Have Depression or Anxiety Friday, July 9 at noon PT / 3pm ET Nita Sweeney & Karen C.L. Anderson [trx_button type=”square” style=”filled” size=”small” link=””

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Nita Sweeney featured in Freedom to Be You Now! Life Celebrations

How Women Overcome Suicidal Thoughts Challenges and Other Adversities to Emerge in Their Own Uniqueness!

Here is a complimentary ticket for you to attend the launch on 31st March 2021.

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This is for any woman or man who is dealing with challenges in life, looking for ways to overcome their adversities so that they can build and strengthen their resilience in order to live life on their own terms and have the life they desire and deserve.

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Instagram for (Introverted) Writers

“Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words.” ~ David Terrar quoting newspaper editor Arthur Brisbane in Brisbane’s 1911 discussion of journalism and publicity One of the challenges of being

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