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A Love Note to My Running Tribe

  A Love Note to My Running Tribe My running group, Marathoner in Training (MIT), asked members to write a “Good Thing” that happened during the ever-so-odd and nearly cancelled

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Angel Wings

Yellow Labrador retrievers like Morgan and Scarlet (the ) have a distinct color pattern on their backs called angel wings. I referred to it several times in my memoir, Depression

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What Writers Eat While Ill

Yes, I would like some cheese with this whine. I’ve been home from New Orleans for a few days and have come down with a low-grade fever. The timing for

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Time and Space for Writing

I’m fortunate to have a lovely bedroom converted to an office in our house. So it’s a bit unfortunate that I have so much trouble writing there. This is a

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A Dog. That is All.

Some days, days like today, when the new computer is unsatisfactory and needs to be returned, the old computer is on the fritz (which is why you bought the new

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Grounded for Life

The pupperina that is. She broke the TV. The TV was on a table. She was tethered to the table. She’s been tethered to the table many many times before.

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