Cat with paws over its face

Guilt in the Time of COVID-19

  Guilt in the Time of COVID19 – Write Now Columbus – April 2020 A friend recently admitted to feeling guilty that she wasn’t writing during what is, for her,

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A Dog. That is All.

Some days, days like today, when the new computer is unsatisfactory and needs to be returned, the old computer is on the fritz (which is why you bought the new

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The Ever Helpful Dog

For fourteen years, Morgan (aka Mr. Dawg), served as my writing helper. When he died last November, I worried I’d never have such good dog help again. But #Scarlet, the

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Happy Birthday Scarlet

Scarlet, our yellow lab “puppy” turned one yesterday! She had a lovely birthday party at the fabulous local doggy daycare, Puptown Lounge. We’ve begun jogging short intervals of one minute

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