What Writers Eat at Sunset

I’ll use any excuse for another installment of “What Writers Eat.” The good folks at Mango, my publisher, (I still love the way that sounds – “My publisher”) need an

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What Writers (who Have a Cold) Eat

The upper respiratory infection (aka common cold) that has laid waste to most of central Ohio struck me as well. When I asked the #onehundredpercentgoodhusband to pick up some bone

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What Writers Eat: Hubby’s Birthday

Ed, the #onehundredpercentgoodhusband, and I long ago stopped giving each other presents on holidays. Instead, we go to a nice restaurant. Yesterday for his birthday we ate at Houlihan’s, a

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What Writers Eat: Hubby Loves Recipes

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a hundred times more. If hubby didn’t cook, we’d starve. Last night, the #onehundredpercentgoodhusband made pork tenderloin with pomegranate. It was luscious.

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What Writers Eat: Comfort Food

After a long day of traveling, hubby and I found ourselves ten minutes from home at dinner time. We stopped at the new Hen Quarter in Dublin. Fried chicken. Shrimp

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What Writers Eat While in Toronto

I’d never known my life was incomplete until last month when Hubby and I traveled to Toronto for a conference and rambled into Trattoria Mercatto right behind our hotel. Lemon

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