Write Now Newsletter – April 2012


“Don’t fight the trail. Take what it gives you. . . “
– ultramarathon runner Caballo Blanco aka Micah True (died April 2012)
as quoted by Chris McDougall in BORN TO RUN

Hi Writers:

No lie. I wish writing were easier, but I make it harder than it has to be. I fight the trail. Recently, I’ve been working with a freelance editor. She’s pushing me deeper into the work. She wants to know my motivations and intentions and the motivations and intentions of the people I’ve written about, many of whom are dead. I’m not sure I want to go where she’s asking and I’m having trouble moving forward. I’m uncomfortable, tired, and grumpy. I haven’t relaxed into the trail. Instead of leaning into the hills and letting go on the downsides, I’m grimacing, squealing and twirling. That’s why I’m so uncomfortable.

When I’m ready to stop fighting, I’ll just look down and see a path ahead of me. I don’t have to like it, but it’s the trail I’m on. It’s time to relax into reality and continue working. I’m more likely to find the answers when I’m at the page.

Do you ever fight the trail? If so, please share your adventure. You may leave a comment by clicking the little “post a comment” link at the bottom of the page on my blog Bum Glue.

Nita Sweeney
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