WORLD PREMIERE! Mental Health Music Video: Run with My Troubles

Nita Sweeney and Scarlet in Mental Health Music Video

Mental Health Music Video: Run with My Troubles


For the first 24 hours, is the only outlet showing the video.


New Jersey musician Jason Didner featured Nita Sweeney and her yellow Labrador running partner Scarlet, along with other mental health runners in a music video of his original song “Run with My Troubles.”

Two of Jason’s life passions of running and music were the impetus for his latest musical endeavor. He hopes the song and video inspire people to take that hardest step—out the front door—for better mental and physical health.

Jason Didner - Run with My Troubles

Jason didn’t do it alone

To demonstrate how running can make a positive impact on an athlete’s life, Jason solicited videos from people with interesting running/exercise stories. He received contributions that exceeded his wildest imagination.

For example, Barefoot Ted, a runner prominently featured in Christopher McDougall’s best-selling memoir, Born to Run, provided a stunning slow-motion video. Jason was so intrigued by Ted’s unique running style that he invited Ted to participate in the music video.

Nita, author of the award-winning running and mental health memoir, Depression Hates a Moving Target, submitted a genuinely endearing clip of herself running with Scarlet. Her clip demonstrates the powerful connection that can be created between an athlete and a canine when they participate in outdoor activities, such as exercise, together.

The video also serves as an excellent reminder that not all humans move on two legs. Wheelchair ultramarathoner Julia Beckley submitted a breathtaking scene of her training on a Montana highway with her mom riding horseback behind her.

Additionally, friends of Jason’s submitted running clips, showcasing diversity in race, gender, age and geography.

Jason’s own crisis prompted the song and mental health video

“Two years ago I was at a crossroads,” Jason says. “My physical and mental health were under profound stress. Years of insomnia culminated in a likely anxiety attack that landed me in the emergency room in the middle of the night. I considered seeing a psychiatrist to explore the possibility of a prescription. But first, I was willing to see if exercise could bring the balance I was lacking. That experiment worked.”

“This song is a celebration of what I’ve learned.”

The music reflects Jason’s passion for rock, and, in particular, the indelible impressions made on him by the late and great guitarist, Eddie Van Halen. “I really wanted to honor Eddie’s memory with the guitar solo and worked hard for precision in the fast passages,” Jason says. Still, he also allowed himself to draw inspiration from the next generation of Van Halens. “Hearing Eddie’s son Wolfgang record every instrument plus vocals inspired me to learn drums so I could record every instrument on this latest round of songs,” he adds.
Jason’s wife Amy, a mental health blogger, co-wrote the lyrics and co-directed the video. Amy and Jason often exercise together, along with their 10-year-old daughter. Their shared routine includes walks, strength training cardio boxing and the use of a treadmill and exercise bikes side by side.

Roundtable on Youtube!

We’re still finding a date that works for everyone, but Jason will hold a Roundtable Discussion about Mental Health on his Youtube Channel. If you subscribe to his channel and click the “bell” you will receive a notice.

Run with My Troubles - Music Video

Upcoming Album; Single on Bandcamp

The song “Run With My Troubles” will be featured on Jason’s album, currently in progress but set for release this year. It focuses on coping with mental health issues, including exercise, gratitude, recognizing hard-earned progress and self-compassion.

Jason released the single “Run with My Troubles” on Bandcamp,. Listeners can stream the track for free or download it for $1.

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