We’re breaking up.

Woman jumping - Breaking up with Write Now Columbus

Hey Blog Followers:

We’re breaking up.

No, not you and me, and definitely not Ed and me.

Let me explain. It’s all good. I promise!

Since 2003, I have hosted “Write Now Columbus” (central Ohio’s “relatively comprehensive” resource for writers and readers) on my author website at “NitaSweeney.com.”

Some of you subscribed to this blog (formerly called “Bum Glue”) because of your interest in writing. Others subscribed for content about mental health, running, meditation, and writing as meditation. And some of you are interested in all of this.

But now, “Write Now Columbus” has its own, brand new, spiffy, fun website!


I’m writing to explain what’s going to happen next.

Writing Content

If you only want to hear about writing and you’re not already subscribed, please head to the new site and subscribe to “Write Now Columbus” to receive the monthly email newsletter.

While “Write Now Columbus” is geared toward central Ohio writers and readers, the content applies to all writers and readers regardless of location. There, you can see my writing-related posts, as well as those written by Write Now Columbus Editor Tami Kamin Meyer, and other central Ohio writers.


Nita’s Author Content

For content about mental health, running, meditation, and writing as meditation, please subscribe to “Nita’s News.” That’s the best way to stay up-to-date on my author content. I send “Nita’s News” once or twice a month.

All of the Above

Interested in both? Subscribe to both!

“Write Now Columbus

Nita’s News.”

What’s next?

At the end of April of 2022, I will change email sending services. When that happens, you will no longer receive blog updates unless you are subscribed to “Write Now Columbus” or “Nita’s News” or both!

Thank you always for your interest and for following along on this circuitous, sometimes tedious, but always interesting (at least to me) journey!

Take care,

~ Nita (and Tami from WNC, too)