Meditation: No minimum requirement.

who should take up meditation

Meditation: No minimum requirement.

Who Is This Practice For? Who should undertake this training?

The great thing about mindful movement is that there’s no minimum requirement, no prerequisite, and no basic fitness level required. It also doesn’t matter if you have never meditated or never even heard of meditation. Anyone who has access to this information—regardless of socioeconomic class, race, religion (or lack thereof), gender, education level, and size or shape—can meditate.

But formal meditation practice is more readily available to middle-and upper-class people who can afford to take time off from work and family to attend retreats and spend time with teachers. The same is true of movement. Racism, poverty, mobility issues, and other factors may limit someone’s ability to study or move the way they wish, or at all.

That’s part of why I wrote this book: to make movement and meditation accessible.

Don’t have time to sit? No worries. Meditate while you take care of your family, while you work, while you commute. Meditate on the go. I want everyone interested to enjoy the benefits of movement meditation. No one should be denied the ability to be free from suffering.

So, start exactly where you are. It’s perfectly grand to be your current shape, size, and fitness level. It’s tremendous to be at whatever stage in meditation practice you are, from beginner to experienced. And wherever you are on the mental health and wellness continuum is fine.

If you are  alive, you are eligible. You have the “equipment” you need. And, you are ready!

I have included more than twenty “Your Turn” exercises in the book Make Every Move a Meditation.

This excerpt is from Make Every Move a Meditation by Nita Sweeney which is available now through Amazon and Mango Media.