A New Meaning of Stubborn

I decided to leave Fort Worden (home of Goddard MFA-west’s bootcamp) for the morning and go into town because I had a little business thing to take care of and I didn’t think I could listen to one more story critique without screaming. I was so proud of myself because I found the bus schedule, read it, found the bus stop, stood by it and the bus actually came and picked me up at the time I thought it would. I easily took a transfer downtown and found the copy/office place I needed to find and took care of my stuff with ease.

You would think I could just as easily find the return schedule, eh? Well, I stood at the stop and stood and stood and stood. The “scheduled” time came and passed. The next “scheduled” time came and passed. No bus. So I started walking. Now mind you, it is over two miles (probably closer to three) back to Fort Worden from where I was standing. Did I call a taxi? No. Did I call the bus office and try to find out my mistake? No. Did I walk and walk and walk all the way back to Fort Worden all the while looking behind me as every car passed in hopes that it was the bus? Um (blush), yes.

In my defense I can say that I will sleep well tonight. It was really good exercise. And I only hope I can tap into this same level of tenacity when it comes to my writing. If so, I’ll be unstoppable.