Writing Totems

Last week I arrived at the coffeehouse and realized that I’d forgotten my glittery magic orange Clinique bag. The magic orange bag contains pens, pencils, earplugs, scissors, tape, a stapler, a staple remover, tissues, a timer, paperclips, binder clips, erasers, highlighters, a ruler, post-it-notes and lots of other things I sometimes need during a writing spree. I felt as if I’d forgotten my underwear!

I was able to write without the magic orange bag, but having it near me when I write makes me feel more confident. Like a baby with a blanket, I feel better when it’s around.

According to Wikipedia:

A totem is any natural or supernatural object, being or animal which has personal symbolic meaning to an individual and to whose phenomena and energy one feels closely associated with during one’s life.

With full apologies to all the cultures that use totems in their tribal religions, I was wondering if other writers have totems. Do you have a favorite pen or a special object you like to have nearby while writing? What’s your writing totem?