Write (Now) Newsletter – June 2008


“I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done.” – Steven Wright

Hi Writers:

By now many of you’ve heard that the folks at the Columbus Writer’s Conference are taking a hiatus. I had hoped to pitch my book this year, but no go. Luckily writers have tons of resources. I found a conference dedicated solely to agent and editor pitch sessions conveniently located in Austin near the home of a writing friend who will house us for the weekend. Thanks Saundra!

What will you do with the time and resources the conference freed? If you’re self-motivated you could spend the weekend generating new material, revising your work, or reading one of the many wonderful writing books available. Filled with exercises and short essays, Natalie Goldberg’s latest writing book, Old Friend from Far Away: The Practice of Writing Memoir, would make a splendid companion.

Need more structure? Grab a few writer friends, snag someone’s family room, and create your own impromptu workshop. If you’re all working on projects, just dedicate the space to writing. If you’re beginning something, ask each person to bring their favorite writing exercise and agree to play along.

Want more? Search the listings in Poet’s & Writer’s Magazine, Shaw Guides, and the Associated Writing Programs for conferences near and far. You’re sure to find something that suits. There’s even the Muse On-Line Writer’s Conference.

I look forward to hearing about the conferences you’ve all created!

Nita Sweeney
(c)Nita Sweeney, 2008, all rights reserved


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