Write Now Newsletter – January 2003

The first issue of WRITE (now) NEWSLETTER.


I’m Nita Sweeney. I write and teach writing. As some of you know, Shannon Jackson asked me to step in as facilitator of the Writers’ Roundtable at Barnes & Noble when she moved to Wisconsin. In addition to leading Writers’ Roundtable, I want to serve central Ohio as an additional mini-clearinghouse for the wonderful writing events that are blossoming in our part of the country. My goal is to send a monthly listing of events to those interested and not to annoy those who aren’t. Please send workshop, reading and other info my way and I’ll do my best to include it.

With that said, if you’re not interested in writing in 2003 or don’t want anymore e-mail from me, send me an e-mail with REMOVE in the subject line and consider yourself deleted. The rest of you, if you’re making New Year’s Resolutions:


Resolve to WRITE IN 2003.

The following is a list of writing events that could help you get out of the guilt-inducing, muse-maligning, self-flagellating, rut you’ve been in and WRITE in 2003.

And if you’ve been writing, come share your experience with those who aren’t.

Thanks for your time. Now get busy – WRITE!!!

Nita Sweeney
(c)2003 by Nita Sweeney