Write Now Newsletter – August 2011


“The world comes first; it’s older, tougher, more subtle and more magnificent that anything made from language. So when I go wandering from the desk, I’m not avoiding work, as it might appear; I’m stitching my work to the earth.” – Scott Russell Sanders

Hi Writers:

I’ve put myself on summer vacation. I haven’t been writing anyway. Instead of fretting about it, I’m embracing it by running, swimming, socializing and shopping. And I don’t feel guilty. Really. I don’t. Well, that’s what I tell myself and anyone who asks. Truth is, my books in progress don’t agree. They’re like three-year olds tugging at my sleeve when I’m trying to take a phone call. They gnaw at me even though I told myself (and them) this is a rest period. I chose this time off. But they’re in their folders, on the computer, in boxes on the floor, in piles on the shelf whining, “When are you coming baa-aack?” I’ll be back (I tell us all). But it’s still summer. I’ve given myself until the last weekend of August when I have a writing retreat scheduled. That’s the end of summer. Coincidentally, it will also be the end of my 40’s. What a great way to celebrate, right? Write!

Do you take intentional breaks from writing? I’d love to hear how you handle “vacations.” Please leave a comment on my blog, Bum Glue.

Nita Sweeney
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