WiFi at Colin’s (and he’s an artist!)

What Columbus coffeehouse serves a breakfast sandwich named after a deceased barrista (the McRoy – he wasn’t dead when they named it)? What Columbus coffeehouse is owned by a guitarist and singer in a rock band (Watershed)? What Columbus coffeehouse has FREE wi-fi AND plenty plenty plenty of electrical outlets (Guess silly!)? What Columbus coffeehouse has ALL THREE? Right! COLIN’S COFFEE.

Colin’s Coffee, formerly Brewster’s, is alive and well in the Golden Bear Shopping Center at the corner of Fishinger and Riverside in Upper Arlington.

The place has lots of light even on a gray Ohio day, the sound on the TV is turned off (WAHOO!), and space heaters remedy the wind tunnel effect created by the doors at both ends of the coffehouse. And that’s not all! The wi-fi’s really free. No little cards to buy after an hour. No catch. And lots of electrical outlets.

And Colin’s boasts something no other coffeehouse on the planet can offer – COLIN! He’s been the personality behind the bar for a decade. He plays guitar and sings with the band (Comfest Favorite) Watershed (check them out on myspace). And now he’s the new owner.

“I was gonna be unemployed if the place went under. I live just down the street. I figured I might as well buy the place!”

Makes sense to me. Try the McRoy Breakfast Sandwich (named after a deceased barrista) if you dare. On a cold day the tomato soup and grilled cheese panini combo can’t be beat. If neither of those suit you, try the donuts from The Der Dutchman in Plain City. They may not help your writing, but once you’re in the sugar coma, you won’t notice.