What Writers Eat at Colin’s Coffee

What Writers Eat at Colin’s Coffee

We like to run on Monday mornings, usually three miles. I often run an extra mile, but not today. I was still tired from the weekend and there were only two of us. One regular was in a minor auto accident and was thankfully not hurt, but couldn’t join us. Another regular was recovering from an upper respiratory infection. Others who sometimes run with us were either out of town or back to work after the holidays. Neither of the two of us who showed had much pep. But three miles is three miles. We ran then headed to Colin’s Coffee, our standard post-Monday run hangout.

I had my usual:

Behold the McRoy sandwich on a Block’s everything bagel. That’s a fried egg, bacon, and three kinds of cheese named after Roy, a former Colin’s Coffee employee who has sadly gone on to the great coffeeshop in the sky.

The cup contains a “Sleepy Mudshot,” a coffee beverage the shop owner, Colin Gawel, named. It is decaf coffee with a shot of decaf espresso and a pump of chocolate.

The buff is swag from the 2015 Mercedes Marathon in Birmingham, Alabama. I ran the half. Wearing it reminds me of the remaining states in which I’d like to run half marathons. But for today, three miles will do.