Man falling from the sky - Follow the teachings, not the teacher.

Follow the teachings, not the teacher.

  Follow the teachings, not the teacher. Recently, another public figure many thought was beyond reproach proved herself to be human. This happened to be a well-respected, best-selling author. I

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The Books

THE BOOKS A Daily Dose of Now: 365 Mindfulness Meditation Practices for Living in the Moment Reduce stress, ease anxiety, and increase inner peace-one day at a time-with a year

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Troubles, Great and Small

“Of all your troubles, great and small, the greatest are the ones that don’t happen at all.” – Thomas Carlyle What if agents don’t want my book? What if small

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A Contact Sport

“Writing is like a contact sport, like football. You can get hurt, but you enjoy it.” – Irwin Shaw I’m incredibly fortunate. In MFA school where critiques can be brutal,

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Frequently Asked Questions

“You can fix anything but a blank page.” – Nora Roberts Each month I receive questions. Below is a summary of frequently asked questions and where to find the answers.

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No White Flag

Isaac gave good advice to authors. . . . [H]e sent me his two laws of writing: 1. Thou shall finish what thou startest. 2. Thou shalt not judge thyself.

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