Out of Ideas?

I’ve been doing my best to avoid thinking or doing anything not related to the memoir I’m writing, but wacky and wonderful writing tools keep attacking.

This Wednesday when Rob Brezny’s Free Will Astrology horoscopes landed in my inbox, it included a link to the Random Shakespeare Insult Generator. My novel simply must include a character who smites his enemies with Bardisms such as, “Thou jarring motley-minded pignut!” “Thou cockered beef-witted measle!” and “Thou unmuzzled dismal-dreaming scut!” Dontcha think?

A fellow lurker on The Ohio State University creative writing listserv turned me on to a new feature on the Wave Books (formerly Verse Press) website. Make your own erasure poem. According to the cite, “Erasure is a process by which you can take any text and from it, create a poem.” Make your own at http://erasures.wavepoetry.com/index.php For a fine example, look over Mary Ruefle’s newest book A Little White Shadow, which is a collection of poems made from erasing most of a “forgotten” 19th Century text.

And last, but certainly not least, my friend Sammi suggests the idea generator at Seventh Sanctum which includes links to dozens and dozens of idea generators. My personal favorite is the B-Movie Title Generator which proudly gave me Sluts from Neptune. Hmmm. Porn meets Sci Fi? I think not!!!