Meditation: Ask for help

Ask for help

Meditation: ask for help

We’ve now come to the final step in the process of making any move a meditation: ask for help. See “Steps to Make Any Move a Meditation” for the previous steps.

Ask for Help

The final step in making any move a meditation is a bit of a cautionary note. This eighth step is to seek assistance when you need it.

Like many things in this book, this suggestion applies to movement, meditation, and life.

  • Aches and pains? See a trainer.
  • Injured? Visit a physical therapist.
  • Sick? Call your doctor.

I’ll talk more in detail about teachers and therapists in later blog posts and later in the book, but know that a trained meditation professional can often answer  your questions if you feel confused or distressed.


If you like, take a walk. No walk unless you want one.
Contact a teacher if you get stuck or have questions.
Keep reading for additional sources of help.

I have included more than twenty “Your Turn” exercises in the book Make Every Move a Meditation.

This excerpt is from Make Every Move a Meditation by Nita Sweeney which is available now through Amazon and Mango Media.