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Dear Writers:

Nita here. Anyone else breathing a teensy sigh of relief? Sunshine, warmer temps, and vaccines in lots of arms (I’m up soon) are making me almost hopeful. Too soon to party (please don’t gather, yet) but tiny relief vibes happening here.

Meanwhile, I’m focused on one of the many things they don’t teach you in MFA school, growing my “Author Nita Sweeney” email list.

Many of you have trudged along with me here the past 18 years, and I’m grateful. But not all of you are interested in mental health, meditation, writing practice, running, and dogs.

So, I created a separate newsletter.

If you are interested in meditation, dogs, mental health, running, and writing practice, please SUBSCRIBE!

You can view the archive to see what you’re getting yourself into. Or you can download Three Ways to Heal Your Mind and that will subscribe you as well.


Tami is doing well, but still preoccupied with good cause. She sent another sweet note:

Hello and Happy March.

While I’m not going to join Nita in any marathons any time soon, I am proud to say that at three weeks post-knee surgery, things are looking good for a total recovery. That’s exciting, of course, because I anticipate resuming activities I couldn’t enjoy before surgery. Watch out pickleballers, kayakers and slow grocery browsers. Pretty soon, I shall leave you in a cloud of dust.

In the meantime, Write Now Columbus!


Donations continue to trickle in. We’re so grateful for each donation to help us pay our expenses. We’re holding off on the subscription option for now due to the fees, but feel free to donate monthly or send an annual donation.

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The number of events on the calendar continues to increase since everyone finally gets zoom! The calendar shows 35 events (up from 27 last month) this month. We will add any we learn of as the month goes on.

Just a reminder that applications are open for the Kenyon Review Writers Workshops. They occur in June and July.

If you know of an event we haven’t listed, please email Tami and I at and we will add it. And if we can do anything else to help you, please reach out.

Thanks always for reading and have a great month!

~ Nita and Tami

Nita Sweeney, Publisher
Tami Kamin Meyer, Editor
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CONTEST FOR WOMEN WRITERS – The Effie Lee Morris Writing Contest is open to women writers in many genres. Check out the submission guidelines for details. Deadline March 31, 2021.

PITCH-O-RAMA PLUS! – This event, a fabulous opportunity meet and pitch to agents and editors, is usually held in the Bay Area. But, pandemic! Register here to Zoom in.

HIRE US – Did you know you can hire Tami and/or Nita?

  • Nita offers one-off consultation sessions to help writers find authentic material, navigate the writing and publishing process, and share her many resources and extensive experience.
  • Tami is a seasoned freelance writer, editor, and attorney, always on the lookout for interesting gigs including ghost writing.

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