I’m About Half Done

This post is for everyone who asks, “How’s the book coming.” Rather than lie, I will simply ask my future readers to checkout Derek Powazek’s blog entry “How to Write a Book in Three Easy Steps and kindly note that I am in the painful middle of Step Two.

All the people you’ve told about your book will now ask you about it when they see you. . . and every time you will get a new knot in your stomach. You will say one thing, and one thing only, when they ask: “I’m about half done.” And every time you will rationalize this to be true.

I have not begun smoking, yet. I have not left my husband nor moved across the country. I moved across the country (and back) once before and I don’t recommend it. And I have not gotten any new pets. Powazek promises that this step will last three months. He lies. I’m well into my second year. But really. I’m about half done. Really.