Feeling Lucky?

According to Richard Wiseman, a professor at Britain’s University of Hertfordshire, You Make Your Own Luck.

Professor Wiseman, “. . . has conducted some experiments which indicate to him that we have a lot more influence on our own good fortune than we realize,” an article posted on Damninteresting.com explains.

Wiseman lists four principles for “making” yourself lucky: 1. Act on opportunities that happen to you by “chance;” 2. Listen to your hunches; 3. Expect good fortune, and; 4. Learn effective coping skills. Bottom line according to Wiseman, outgoing optimists have more “luck.”

But I’m an introverted, pessimistic writer, you say. How can I spin this straw into gold?

By just showing up. Show up to the page. Show up at a writer’s group. Show up at a conference. If an agent or an editor calls, show up by simply answering the phone! If you’re not there to push the pen or heed the call, someone else will be.