Author Interview – Melisa Caprio

Author Interview with Melisa Caprio


Author Interview – Melisa Caprio

I interview wellness authors to find out what makes them tick and why they write the books they do. This author interview features Melisa Caprio who entranced us when she appeared on a Mango Publishing panel. As an intuitive photographer, Melisa sees the world through a different “lens.” [pun intended.] Her creative approach offers a unique take which helps many. I wanted you to meet her too.

Nita Sweeney (NS): Tell us about your book. Give us the official “pitch!”

Melisa Caprio (MC): In Postcards to the Universe: Harness the Universe’s Power and Manifest Your Dreams, artist-photographer Melisa Caprio offers a way to combine art, love and manifestation that will lead you to everything your heart desires. Lush with imaginative images and poignant with heartfelt words, this beautiful book is already igniting a creative fire in manifesters everywhere. Caprio photographs the postcards as she intuits it-by each person’s specific manifestation. Through art and photography, we get to see the desires of people manifest in the world, thus taking the law of attraction to a whole new level.


Postcards to the Universe Collage
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NS: What made you want to write this book?

MC: I was teaching people how to use their creativity for manifesting using the Law of Attraction with my project Postcards to the Universe, A Global Movement for Manifestation. I kept getting story after story from people who created a manifesting postcard of their dream coming true in their life and I thought, “I have to make this a book.” I took a course on how to write a book proposal and when I completed my book I ended up having 30 postcards from contributors who sent them to me that I photographed and their stories manifested.

NS: What message do you hope readers take away?
Melisa Caprio Signing Postcards to the Universe
Melisa Caprio

MC: I want readers to understand that we attract what we focus on, usually it’s negatively. But actually, we can learn how to co-create with the Universe to bring in what we really want when we do it in a conscious way. I do it by tapping into creativity.

NS: Writing (and life) can be stressful. How do you take care of yourself?

MC: I take care of myself by finally learning how to stop the negative self-talk. We have a tendency to beat ourselves up and I have become super aware of how my mind can go down that rabbit hole. Once I became aware of myself doing it, I learned to stop and shift my thoughts around. I speak much kinder to myself now.


NS: Do you have a tip for the writers out there?

MC: Yes, writing is relatively new to me, I am a photographer and had been doing that for years. I learned that it’s really important to spend time being creative. It applies for me with both writing and photography. Even if I don’t publish the work. Working our creative muscles I find is good for the soul.

NS: What’s the worst piece of writing advice you’ve ever received?

MC: That you have to get up early and start a writing practice. That doesn’t work for me. I follow my own rhythm to know when I am in the space to write. I think you have find what works for you and commit to that as your writing practice. For many people it’s every day. For others it may be mornings, while others may prefer evenings. Some may do it a few times a week. As long as you commit to it, and follow through.

NS: And the best?

MC: To just sit down and write. Don’t think about it; just do it. When I approach it like that even if I am not sure exactly what I will write that day, it comes to me.

NS: Tell us more about your work.

MC: I also have a weekly radio show on Wednesdays at 4PM ET. It’s hosted on OMTimes Radio and I am blessed have such amazing guests that I interview. I am always looking for inspirational people who can share themselves and their work. I interview a lot of other authors. It’s a great show and I take the recording and make it a podcast.

NS: What led you to this path?

MC: That is a long story, but the short version is, I was in a place where my life took a turn and I was very unhappy. I started searching and asking myself questions about what to do next. That is when I learned about manifestation. It just grew from there. The right books found me, people who helped me get to the next step started showing up, and new doors presented themselves.

NS: Do you have a motto or slogan you find helpful? If so, how did you arrive at that?

MC: Yes, it’s funny and it has stuck with me. My mother has a saying in how she describes me, “You’re a horse of a different color.” She actually uses it for our whole family. I like it. It means we march to our own beat and that’s cool.

NS: What’s the worst wellness advice you’ve ever heard?

MC: Anytime I see another fad that everyone is talking about, I get suspect. I think you have to find what works for you, you know when something is good or no good for you.

NS: What is one thing about coping you wish you’d learned earlier?
Melisa Caprio, author, photographer, radio show host
Melisa Caprio

MC: I wish someone had told me how important it is to trust yourself. Our intuition is so spot on and I don’t think we are taught when we are young how important it really is. It could save us from so many things, if we just listened to it.

NS: Has your life turned out differently than you expected? If so, how?

MC: Yes it’s very different than I could have imagined. I never thought I would be an author and have a radio show.

NS: Would you change anything about your journey?

MC: No, not really. There are a few situations that I would probably change. I few take backs that I would do. But overall, it’s the journey that got me here.


NS: What are you currently reading for inspiration?

MC: Because of my radio show, I interview so many other inspirational authors, I am getting introduced to more and more amazing work.  I love it.

NS: Is there a wellness or inspirational book you couldn’t finish? Why?

MC: No, never. I always finish them. There have been a couple that were just OK but I still finished them.

NS: What wellness book could you not put down?

MC: There are a few authors whose work I just love and usually have a hard time putting down: Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Carolyn Myss, and Don Miguel Ruiz

NS: What’s next for you writing wise?

MC: I am working on a book using my photography as affirmations and explaining how those affirmations can shift our lives.


NS: Mermaids or Goddesses?

MC: Goddesses

NS: Toast or bagels?

MC: Bagels

NS: Ocean, mountains, or forest?

MC: Can I pick all three?


NS: Leggings or jeans?

MC: Jeans

NS: Dogs, cats, fish, guinea pigs, or horses?

MC: Right now it’s cats, it was dogs for a while. It changes.


About Melisa Caprio

Postcards to the Universe - Book CoverMelisa Caprio, author, photographer, radio host and creator of Postcards to the Universe™ A Global Movement for Manifestation, is inviting people from around the world to participate in this movement. By using photography, art, personal wishes and desires and sending them out to the Universe via a postcard. Her inspiration comes from a desire to have a forum where people come together in creative ways for global change. She is currently giving workshops on photography, art, transformation, and manifestation. She guides her clients on how to create a unique postcard for added effect on the power of creative intention.

Caprio has her own weekly show titled Postcards to the Universe with Melisa on OMTimes Radio where she interviews spiritual trailblazers, she has turned that show into a popular podcast.

She has been featured in ROAR: Fierce Feminine Rising Magazine, and Voyage VIA Miami MagazineShe is a regular contributor on Thrive Global. Caprio has been featured numerous times in the local newspaper Sun-Sentinel: Broward and Palm Beach News on her work and also exhibits her photography work on a regular basis in fine art galleries in South Florida.

Find Melisa here:

OMTimes Radio – Postcards to the Universe

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