AHHHH! My brain is full!

Second full day of MFA-school residency/bootcamp down (we are staying at a former military base/fort after all) and now that the procedural stuff is mostly out of the way, we’re starting to learn about writing. My small group critiqued my story this morning and I didn’t cry! (Didn’t sniff the bumglue either!) I think their comments will be really helpful.

We all attended the very first Goddard MFA-West graduation today and I teared up as each of the three graduates gave their commencement speeches. In addition to a diploma, each woman received an engraved silver compass since the purpose of Goddard was to help her find her way. It was exactly what I needed to hear.

I still frequently feel like I’m in way over my head, but I don’t feel worried. I’m certain that some small portion of my brain is soaking up some small portion of what I’m hearing and that at some later point it will rise to consciousness where I can pull it up for my use. Until then, I’ll just keep taking notes and re-filling my Fort Worden coffee mug at the little cafe. No one will be the wiser.